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If you love travel, and have made journeys, it is imperative that one must try backpacking at least once in their lives. No, not the usual comfortable (and expensive!) vacation that we’re sometimes used to taking but travel and a ‘vacation’ that works on a low-budget and is regarded as unconventional in nature. Since this approach works on a shoestring budget, the duration of this kind of ‘vacation’... [Read more]

Seychelles: A Place Where Time Stands Still

Seychelles: A Place Where Time Stands Still

Apart from sharing the languages of French and Creole with Mauritius, the islands of Seychelles can proudly boast of an ethnic diversity that consists of freed slaves, whites, Indians , Chinese, very simply those who are ‘adventurous’ at heart. Seychelles, for all its physical beauty, is a truly for the free-spirited traveler and consists of 115 islands (divided into two parts known as the Inner... [Read more]

Five Adventures Spots in Asia

Five Adventures Spots in Asia

Asia – There’s no doubt that it is the biggest continent on the planet filled with flora and fauna, hills, rivers, seas and every possible terrain that an explorer could dream to conquer. Marco Polo, Vasco Da Gama among other explorers took different routes for different reasons but the thrill of seeing distant lands against the force of Mother Nature was that addictive ‘high’ for which... [Read more]

Cheap Travel Tips Anyone Can Use

Who said that you need to be wealthy to travel? This is what a vast majority of people think when they hear about traveling. Below are secrets from Dev Randhawa on how you can travel the globe on a tight budget. Consider Alternate Airports Major cities across the world have alternative airports, which have low-cost airlines. The best alternate airport is the one you depart from and not where you land.... [Read more]

Gadgets for the frequent traveler

Written by Costbuys Whether you are traveling for work or if it’s another getaway with the family, there are now gadgets that will help make your life much easier. It could be to keep everyone occupied during a commute, or on the bus or in the room, no regular traveler should be without these devices which be purchased from any shopping website: Portable battery charger These high capacity... [Read more]

How to Sign Up For a Rental Car Without Being Tricked

Don’t let the car rental companies get you with their shoddy contracts, read between the lines! Finding the right rental car company can be a hit or miss – simply put. If you are travelling to the Middle East, say Amman, then it may be even more difficult due to the language barrier and contractual agreements. It’s important that you have a solid understanding of how the car rental agreements... [Read more]

Planning Your Trip to Abu Dhabi

By Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC Are you ready to get away and see a part of the world unlike anything most of us have ever seen? If you have an adventurous spirit, you’ll love what Abu Dhabi has to offer. This part of the UAE has incredible sites from ancient times, but also enough creature features to keep any Westerner comfortable. That being said, you should still plan ahead by booking a car hire... [Read more]

The Commissioner’s Plan of 1811

By Phineas Upham If you’ve ever visited New York City, you might have found it hard not to marvel at its city planning. Except for the times where you’re below ground, it’s extremely difficult to lose your way once you’re walking the city streets. That feeling is thanks to rigid city planning that basically turned New York City into a grid. The Commissioner’s Plan of 1811 was the first step... [Read more]

Travel blogger Trey Ratcliff to speak at TEDxQueenstown

Trey Ratcliff, author of the number one travel photography blog ‘Stuck in Customs’ will be speaking at the TEDxQueenstown event on Sunday April 19. See the original post: Travel blogger Trey Ratcliff to speak at TEDxQueenstown  Read More →

PM Modi to visit France, Germany and Canada

New Delhi, Apr. 8 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to France, Germany and Canada, starting April 9 with the objective of holding bilateral talks as well as people to people contacts with all three key global economic powerhouses. Original post: PM Modi to visit France, Germany and Canada  Read More →

Aussies pay too much for travel insurance

Australians are paying up to three times too much for travel insurance, according to comparison website Read more from the original source: Aussies pay too much for travel insurance  Read More →

Chinese visitors special focus for new AA Traveller guide

Assisting travel for Chinese visitors to New Zealand will be a special focus for the AA the year. Read the rest here:  Chinese visitors special focus for new AA Traveller guide  Read More →

Marine Atlantic winter season costly due to Cabot Strait ice

Marine Atlantic vessels have been trapped in ice, sometimes for days, and when ferries did run it often took longer to get through. Originally posted here:  Marine Atlantic winter season costly due to Cabot Strait ice  Read More →