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Vacations along the Blue Ridge Mountains

September 29, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Just as sure as there will always be death and taxes in our lives, vacation time is always something to look forward to. A week away from the daily grind is almost certainly a time to look forward, and can make time spent with family and friends a worthwhile one.

One of the most popular weekend getaways are the towns and cities that are located along the Blue Ridge Mountains that are a part of Appalachian mountain ranges that run through several states, one of which being North Carolina.

Notable among the locations along these mountains is the beautiful town of Tryon NC, which is not only known for its equestrian community but also attractions such as the production of table and wine grapes that will almost certainly be a joy to witness for every connoisseur. With a rich history behind this town, it is not only peaceful and quiet, which can be choice of many couples, but it also makes for excellent shopping and dining as well.

Another town that is popular along these mountains is Asheville North Carolina that not only has similar attractions as Tryon but it also provides one with a beautiful view of the countryside as well as access to art in the form of museums and galleries as well as other forms of music and entertainment.

So if you are looking for a holiday that suits what you are looking for, log on to the internet and find a holiday of your choice and at your prices too, that you might wish to take with your family and friends.