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If you want an interesting and innovative way to save on hotel travel expenses, go to the interesting auction site where you can bid on hotel gift certificates. These certificates are normally $200 and often go for under $50!

Baidu Hotel sells the hotel gift certificates via a “penny auction” process. It is a simple process where you bid on hotel gift certificates at the cost of$0.50 per bid. Each bid drops the price by $0.10, so the more people who bid for a particular hotel gift certificate, the greater the discount. Recently, a $200 certificate for Hotel 41 on Times Square, New York went for under $40.00: and the successful bidder will then discount this off on his next stay at the hotel. Furthermore, this is not a discount off the rack rate but off the best deals going at the time. In this case the rack rate is average $279 while the best deal found, using the website link, is $199, which means that you will spend a night at a great Times Square hotel for the $40 that you bid!

The auction process is rather simple: register on the website (no cost): buy a bid package ($15.00 for 30 bids), then start bidding on the auction. Each hotel gift certificate on action is on for a limited time, so you can watch the clock and the price run down, and time your bids accordingly. When the price is what you want, hit the “buy” button. If you are first, then you win the auction at the purchase value on the screen. The certificate is then fully redeemable at the hotel.

Look at the Baidu Hotel site when you next plan your holiday or business trip and you will certainly save on hotel travel as Baidu Hotel has deals with hotels in over 10 prime cities in the USA and Canada plus with some of the top hotel chains. Register for free and receive great deals.

Louise Erasmus
25 October 2011

Colorado Springs Vacation Rentals For You And Your Family!

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Are you looking to get out and explore some of the beautiful parts of the United States? Colorado Springs vacation rentals are open year-round and have several features, geared towards children and adults. Whether you’re looking for extreme adventure or idyllic sojourn, Colorado has it all including camping, fishing, golfing, hiking one of the 54 mountains that are each 14,000 feet high, hunting, mountain biking 435 miles of Colorado Trail, rock climbing, sightseeing, whitewater rafting, skiing and snowboarding. Also, guests bringing their families will have loads of activities to partake in. You can go shopping, visit museums and do other cultural activities including get a feel for the entertainment, nightlife, hot springs, massages, horseback ride at a dude ranch, explore sand dunes, river expeditions, hang glide, amusement parks, ghost towns… and so much more. You’ll also find that nearby are many caverns and natural attractions for those that appreciate the beauty of nature and all that is has to offer.

There’s also Breckenridge. The locals make your stay warm and you’ll get to see why the area is such a great place to stay. You can start to make the mountain town your home away from home when you opt for vacation rentals in Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s a smart decision to pamper your travel party with 1BR, 2BR, 3BR, or 4BR units. For the price of an affordable hotel, you get your own private unit. Also, be sure to check out the Breckenridge condo rentals.