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Experience Italy tours at its Best

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There is a lot more to see in Italy besides Rome, Venice and Florence. These cities may be the most popular vacation sites in Italy, but there is an unlimited supply of beauty in the boot-shaped country outside these tourist attractions. Many Italy tours can take you to lesser-known provinces. Cinque Terre vacations offers tourists a rustic and relaxing place to spend their Italian jaunt.

With the country’s long coastline, any place near the ocean is sure to be a scenic and wonderful escape. Italy is not only known for its fashion, it is also renowned for having beautiful towns near the sea. Discover quaint fishing villas and rustic vacation spots. Places like Sardinia also have rich history. If you’re a history buff then chances are you’ll enjoy visiting the rural areas of Italy. Here, vacations don’t need to be extravagant. Another great thing about traveling to the outskirts of Italy is the price. You can get great deals on tours and packages especially if you’re traveling with a group. If you plan on touring Italy solo, you can join a tour group and meet new people.

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