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Best Activities in Naples, Florida

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Similar to Palm Beach and South Beach, Naples, Florida is an affluent city by the sea; just not as uptight. While the area offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the Sunshine State, the city has its fair share of attractions worth exploring. Here are just a few of the best activities in Naples, Florida, outside of the water.

Everglades National Park: It’s easy to spend an entire day at Everglades National Park, a sanctuary that gives you a break from the material world in Naples. The park is home to numerous endangered species, such as the manatee, the Florida panther, and the American crocodile. Visitors to this park can embark on a number of activities, such as airboat rides, biking, bird watching, boat and tram tours, and hiking. The boat tours are especially fun, taking guests through the mangrove coast. For those who want to spend the night, the park offers two campgrounds that accommodate ten and RV camping.

If you want to experience a little culture on your trip in Naples, you can visit the Naples Museum of Art. Located right next to the Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts, this three-story museum features 15 galleries full of paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Spend the day at the museum and catch an opera, ballet, or a musical at the Philharmonic Center next door.

Finally, if you enjoy a nice cruise, you will love the Naples Princess. It’s a day cruise that gives you a taste of the wealth and luxury in Naples. It’s a 93-foot yacht that offers fine dining for lunch or dinner.

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Group Skiing in Colorado

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When it comes to the best skiing destinations, there is indeed no place like Colorado. Colorado is has the best ski resorts in America and these resorts offer a variety of services to ski loving vacationers. The services and utilities offered by the ski resorts are tailored for both groups and individuals. Families are also not left behind as they too are taken care of by the resorts, which have many fun filled activities that cater for the needs of the whole family. Students and other groups can take group skiing Colorado packages that are priced in a way as to be affordable yet packed with adventure and fun.

The sloppy mountains of Colorado that are covered by ice especially during winter offer an ideal skiing and skateboarding sites for skiers and other ice sports enthusiasts. College students or groups of friends can take group skiing vacations and enjoy the fun that accompanies such adventures. The best ski resorts offer a wide variety of fun filled activities for expert skiers, beginners, and non-skiers. The ice covering the slopes and terrains is just sufficient enough to allow the skiers to ski but also its not too much that can deny hikers the opportunity of scaling the mountain to its peak.

The Best Tourist Attractions in Italy

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Italy plays host to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the world. Monuments and high arts are found well distributed throughout Italy. These arts and monuments have served to attract tourists to cities like Venice, Rome, and Florence for decades. Aside from the monuments and high arts, Italy is well endowed with scenic features such as the beautiful coasts, towering mountains, and alpine lakes. This endowment has led Italy to be nicknamed as the Bel Paese, which is translated to mean, the beautiful country. People who travel to Italy are benefitted by the wide variety of tourist attractions provided by the country making Italy sightseeing a memorable adventure.

Most of the tourists who come into Italy cannot resist the temptation of taking Rome excursions. This is because of the many attractions that the beautiful city has to offer. Rome is considered an attraction worth visiting because of the many museum, chapels, and monuments that it has. Tourists can catch a glimpse of the renowned Sistine Chapel frescoes while taking a mid morning or early afternoon tour of the Vatican Museums and Chapels. As a tourist in Rome, you will get an opportunity to learn the history of the imperial Rome. Guided tours through Rome will lead you to monuments and piazzas that have lots of rich history associated to them.

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