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Disneyland Paris

April 29, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Article written by Euroquest Travel Group

It can be a common thought among tourists that the famous city of Paris is a destination most enjoyed by adults and those with certain tastes. The cuisine is not as friendly as your local McDonald’s in the sense that not everyone will particularly enjoy the local cuisine. The sights and museums can be found boring by those of a younger age group or those are not exactly into art and historical sites. Its characteristic of being one of the best fashion capitals on the earth is something that not all will enjoy; especially if you’re the type to be content with a clean t-shirt and nice fitting pair of jeans.

A particular group of people are at risk of not enjoying the City of Lights and those people are children. They might not like what you like and find that when they visit France they would prefer to stay at home and play there. However, Paris is home to it’s own Disneyland. Paris vacations just got a lot more fun for your kids with France’s own Disneyland. It may seem the same as any other Disneyland you’ll find, but like many of the Disneyland’s in the different regions of the earth, there is always a local twist that is incorporated to set it apart form the different amusement parks.

Your children will thank you after your Paris vacations because they got to enjoy themselves fully in their first, and certainly not last, visit to Disneyland Paris

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