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Happiest Place on Earth in Paris

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By Philippe Dardour

When a lot of people go on Normandy vacations, they look forward to seeing new parts of the world and exploring a different culture. However, not everyone thinks this way. Some really enjoy reminders of the place they just left. If this sounds like you, you’re actually not alone. Disneyland Paris was built to accommodate those who travel to France, but still want a taste of America.


In Disneyland Paris, you’ll find a number of French touches to tried and true Disneyland features. For example, you can expect to see Mickey, Donald Duck and all the other characters you’re accustomed to from famous movies, but they’ll be speaking French!


Likewise, many of the rides are identical to the ones you’ve been on before. However, this just means you’ll get the exact same surprises you’ve become accustomed to over the years.


So just because you go to visit France doesn’t mean you have to get out of your comfort zone completely. Disneyland Paris will even feature a number of English options and even some American dishes your taste buds will recognize immediately. So plan your trip today to enjoy just the right amount of France and plenty of what you’re familiar with all at the same time.



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About Timeshares

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Timeshares can be a money saver, but often the deals may be good at the time of purchase, but later the annual fees are raised to pint when you realize that it would have been cheaper just to rent a room without a timeshare, The timeshare associations reserve the right to do this at any time.  Besides, this there are several other things you should be aware of before buying a timeshare.


Here are 7 things you can do to avoid timeshare scams:

  1. Don’t ever, ever buy (or sell) ‘on the spot.’ Sleep on it, and take the time
    to evaluate whether the deal is a good one.
  2. If you are offered a prize as an incentive, read the ‘fine print’ on the
    prize, and DON’T PAY for anything.
  3. Read the contract and have it reviewed by an attorney. If the sales person
    promised you something that’s not in the contract, don’t sign the contract!
  4. If the presentation is too high pressure, leave. You have every right to
    leave when you want. Simply stand up and politely say ‘thank you very much but
    we’re leaving now.’ Then go — don’t let them argue with you.
  5. Ask for references — and call them. Ask for folks who have been happy and
    unhappy with the previous service.
  6. Don’t ever call a 1-900 number to book a trip — it’s very likely a scam.
  7. Consider a timeshare the same way you’d consider any other real estate investment.
    Do research and educate yourself on the market and the value.

Let’s now talk for a moment about timeshares as real estate investments. A common
question Nolo Press gets asked is “I’ve been told that I shouldn’t buy
a timeshare because it will be hard to sell later. Is this true?”

Here’s their answer:

“Very likely, yes. Timeshare owners face a few difficulties when they try
to sell. The first hurdle is the lack of a strong resale market. Although statistics
vary, all studies show that there are many more timeshare owners wanting to
sell than there are buyers.

“Another problem is the likelihood that you will lose money on the sale
of a timeshare. The original price of a timeshare may have included premiums
of up to 40% to cover sales costs. Also, timeshare properties age and can become
less desirable. So, your resale price may be anywhere from 20% to 60% of the
original purchase price — plus you will have to pay a commission to the broker
(often as high as 20% of the resale price) who sells the property for you.”