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If you love travel, and have made journeys, it is imperative that one must try backpacking at least once in their lives. No, not the usual comfortable (and expensive!) vacation that we’re sometimes used to taking but travel and a ‘vacation’ that works on a low-budget and is regarded as unconventional in nature.

Since this approach works on a shoestring budget, the duration of this kind of ‘vacation’ is much longer than the usual type of vacation that one is used to. There’s one more thing that is an obvious difference: a multi-purpose backpack which carries everything that traveler wishes to take on the trip.

According to some people, backpacking is not just a vacation but an education for most travelers. If one opts for a convention vacation, the experience is limited to the places that these deals will take you to not letting you enjoy the location just as fully as the locals do.

Although some attribute its origins to the Hippie culture of the 60s, and even though their travel was limited to certain places, this idea of backpacking has expanded to destinations all over the world with the support of budget airlines and low-cost flights in recent times. This has also led to the phenomenon of gap-packing where students normally spend a year backpacking through several countries before heading off to university or before applying for their first job.
No matter whether you like the idea or not, in trying it at least once, it will leave wanting more the next time around.

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