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Great crafted beer in Richmond

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Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

The Richmond region is certainly a beer lover destination. The craft beer industry has bloomed so well in Richmond that it was one of the factors that compelled several travel resources to include it in their recommended destinations in 2014. Other factors such as great cuisine, a rich history and gorgeous outdoor scenes have actually contributed to further promote the beer industry.

One of the pioneers of the industry was James River Homebrewers Club that started in 1983 and continued its success. Whether you might be tasting your very first IPA or are already an expert who is looking for the perfect and most exquisite “saison”, the Richmond region offers a great selection of craft beers and breweries that are everyone would find delightful.

Indeed, in Richmond, there are several award-winning craft breweries that offer tasting facilities on lands of over 220 acres mostly composed of farms and patios in the city. You can also enjoy the local Richmond beers in the bocce courts and beer gardens as well as during certain collaborations and wild experiments across the town. If you are looking for something to eat after having toured the breweries, you can also consider the 85 fine dining restaurants that incidentally serve craft beer.

If you are looking to relocate relocate to Richmond or any other city in Virginia for their great beer and fine dining experience, you might want to contact a realtor in Virginia. The Steele Group Sotheby’s IR would be able to assist you in finding deals on houses Richmond VA and new homes in Virginia.

Top Destinations in Richmond Virginia

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Richmond is ranked number four in populated cities in Virginia, and it’s the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The city itself has historical significance to the Confederate army during the Civil War, so there are an abundance of war and fire arms museums in the city where families can learn a lot about the war and its aftermath. Patrick Henry delivered the famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech in Richmond, and the city was the capital of the Confederacy during the war. Virginia homes tend to exhibit a range of styles, with the city exhibiting a rich appreciation of its architectural heritage.

It’s great just to tour the city, but you’ll want to check the top destinations in Richmond for specific sights you can’t miss.

Museum of Fine Arts

Over 5,000 years of mankind’s artistic greatness can be found within the walls of the museum of fine arts. The museum recently underwent a remodel, which expanded the space to four acres. That’s not including the 13 ½ acre garden full of sculptures. The best part is that general admission is free, with tours offered daily to walk-in guests.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is an amazing backdrop for a wedding, or just a relaxing day out in nature. It’s a wonderful space to learn about the natural floral and plant arrangements in Virginia. Residents can take gardening classes, and guests can tour the many facilities that grow and care for different kinds of plants.

Monument Avenue

Some of the most beautiful houses in Richmond VA are to be found on Monument Ave, but the site is significant for historical reasons too. There is a trolley tour that will take you through the area, where you will see incredible monuments from the Civil War. Most of those statues have stood for more than 100 years. It’s awe inspiring, seeing classic Southern architecture on display. Even the streetscaping is reminiscent of yesteryear.

As a bonus, walk the Avenue during the day or at night.

Historical Society

The historical society is your one stop shop for all things Virginia history. Every region and every walk of life is all covered under one roof. The museum offers special exhibits, and tells the story of how the Civil War impacted this American city. For the more historically inclined, you can even fill out document request forms based on items of interest from the online catalogue.

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The best hotels in Virginia

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Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Virginia offers a typical southern charm and is a wonderful place for vacations. The list below depicts some of the most amazing hotels in this state.

       1.            The inn at little Washington

This is one of the most appreciated hotels in Virginia. It is an intimate place and provide a romantic atmosphere to its guests. The service of this hotel is praised as being exceptional and the accommodations are designed with taste. The cuisine of The Inn also makes it worthwhile.

       2.            The Jefferson Hotel

This hotel has been praised for exuding the great Southern charm. Its suites are spacious and propose luxurious amenities and bath products. This hotel also features an indoor pool. The hotel’s restaurants Lemaire and TJ’s are worth trying out.

       3.            The Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner

This hotel is located in the Tysons Galleria which is a massive shopping center in McLean. This hotel features a beautiful indoor pool along with full-service day spa. The hotel also has an in-house restaurant, ENTYSE, which is popular among guests for its great food and wine selection.

       4.            The Martha Washington Hotel and Spa

This hotel has previously been a private home, a school for women and hospital during the Civil War. It has now been revamped and serves as a luxurious retreat with spacious suites and rooms. They also offer delicious entrees at The Market and the Sister’s American Grill which are two on-site eateries.

Virginia is an amazing state, ideal for families. You can choose to relocate to Richmond as you can find several new homes in Virginia. The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty, serves the Greater Richmond Metro Area which includes Richmond City. This company can help you find Virginia homes for sale to help you settle down and call home Richmond Virginia

It Can Only Get Better

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By Plan B International

                All of the things in the market these days have varying values and these values change all the time. Some prices of products go up every month, others every year. There are those products whose prices are so volatile they could change every day. There are also those products whose value just does not really get better with time; these products just get cheaper and cheaper as time goes by, usually because newer products of the same type come out making the older ones obsolete. Then there are those things that just generally get more and more valuable as time passes by. There will always be fluctuations and from time to time their values will drop a bit. However, no matter how many fluctuations happens, their prices go up as time passes.

                A prime example of this is property in Miami. Miami is a very popular city and is visted by hundreds of thousands a year and a lot of them decide that they want to stay and live there. Apartments for sale in Miami go for high prices these days and it would be great if you bought one now. Why? Becuase in the future, as Miami’s popularity steadily increases, people will want to buy that form you. Demand for Miami properties will not run out and someone will always be there to buy your real estate. When that time comes and you sell what you have, you would have earned double what you paid for easily thanks to the great value of Miami properties.

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