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cheap-travel-tipsWho said that you need to be wealthy to travel? This is what a vast majority of people think when they hear about traveling. Below are secrets from Dev Randhawa on how you can travel the globe on a tight budget.

Consider Alternate Airports

Major cities across the world have alternative airports, which have low-cost airlines. The best alternate airport is the one you depart from and not where you land. If your final destination is outside a major city, consider using an alternate airport.

Get Free Flights

Yes, you can get free flights. Sign up for travel credit cards and collect miles for you to fly free. With these travel cards, you can accumulate points through credit card rewards, category bonuses, surveys, special offers and online bonuses. If you accumulate points, you can easily earn a free flight or a cheaper one.

Pack Light

You can save up to $50 on a round trip from avoiding checked bag. If you can pack all your travel items in a carry-on bag, you can skip checked-bags fee. If your items cannot fit, reevaluate what you need to carry.

Do Thorough Research

Knowing where to eat, say, and shop can save you some dollars. Information about, which days might have discounted entry to parks, museums, and other attractions will help you travel with little budget. Take advantage of online sources to learn as much as you can in your destination.

Walking/Public Transport

Walking is the best way to save money. Pack a good pair of shoes, which can necessitate walking around your destination. Also, knowing how to use public transport system is a budget game-changer.

Plan Early

Traveling on weekdays, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays is far much cheaper than any other day. This is true unless these days are new major travel holidays. Learn to take trips that span from Tuesday to Wednesday to save some few bucks.

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