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Gadgets for the frequent traveler

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Whether you are traveling for work or if it’s another getaway with the family, there are now gadgets that will help make your life much easier. It could be to keep everyone occupied during a commute, or on the bus or in the room, no regular traveler should be without these devices which be purchased from any shopping website:

Portable battery charger

These high capacity battery packs will keep multiple phones charged and running during long trips. The higher capacity devices can charge a phone as many as five times.  The more devices you have, the more battery packs that you will need. One feature to look out for would be multiple outputs on a single battery. This way several phones and other devices can be charged at the same time.

Wi-Fi SD card

Transferring photos from camera to phone does not have to be tedious. With a wireless capable memory card, time does not need to be wasted with laptops, dongles, and card readers. Just take pictures and the very next time you have your laptop, simply transfer the pictures without opening or connecting anything.

Portable Bluetooth speaker

With limited luggage space, a small portable speaker will be perfect for hotel rooms. Even the smallest units produce enough volume to make them usable almost anywhere. Getting a waterproof model will give you an option for music at the pool or on the beach.

Waterproof cases

A waterproof case for the phone will ensure that any accidental drops into the pool won’t be catastrophic. Consider them cheap insurance during travel to protect your phone from water-related dangers. Don’t buy something extremely expensive, anything that will protect from immediate water can be purchased from the many online shopping deals available.


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