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Seychelles: A Place Where Time Stands Still

June 4, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Apart from sharing the languages of French and Creole with Mauritius, the islands of Seychelles can proudly boast of an ethnic diversity that consists of freed slaves, whites, Indians , Chinese, very simply those who are ‘adventurous’ at heart.

Seychelles, for all its physical beauty, is a truly for the free-spirited traveler and consists of 115 islands (divided into two parts known as the Inner and Outer Islands) that are unevenly spread across the never-ending expanse known as the Indian Ocean.

Ever since the British and French has battled for supremacy during colonial times, Seychelles has seen changes in its political structure along with the shift of power between these two nations until the year of 1976 when it achieved independence from Britain.

When it comes to the economy, tourism plays a significant role with its activities, beaches and attractions where many a traveler has often remarked of visiting a place where time indeed stands still. With very few locations having as much physical or cultural significance as Seychelles has, places such as the Aldabra Atoll and the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Since island-hopping is one of the most popular activities when tourists visit Seychelles, there are 16 islands with accommodation that one can visit its beaches for pure relaxation and for other activities, namely glass-bottom boating among the other popular water sports that are available. From snorkeling to swimming to horse riding, one can also take in the nightlife and Creole cuisine, leaving one with an unforgettable experience that cannot be captured in photos and videos.

All in all, it is a place and a people where freedom and its joys are waiting to be experienced!

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